Friday, March 06, 2015

spring clean/new space

this week has been about making some changes and having a good old clear out. it's been hard over the past few months having pots teetering everywhere and finding the time and space to work in our very small kitchen to actually get anything done. so, after a lot of sorting i've made a small potting studio space back downstairs in what used to be my old studio when we first moved here. it's a very cold north facing room and although i never liked this room much before it is a joy this time around to have a space where i can just leave stuff and come back to it later.

i picked up a used kitchen unit and some cheap shelving and found this wonderful textile piece (for 20p!) to brighten up the empty wall and bob's your uncle.

just the right amount of space for me to get to work...

Monday, March 02, 2015


i'm a bit behind with posting about these as they have been out of the kiln for a week already! i made these vessels before the tester bowls in my last post and was feeling rather precious about them as i had laboured long and hard over a detailed sgraffito design in white slip on each of them.

 there is a lot to like about these pieces, the speckled clays were lovely to work with and the tiny specks are a pleasing touch, i finally managed to get into making some lovely pinched forms which up until now hadn't been my thing, especially this one that's almost like a cave.

 the glaze was my favorite one from the tests I had done, a semi-transparent chun, which was milky and patchy and uneven but unfortunately not thick enough to produce any blue runs. i was hoping for a delicate white on pale cream effect with these but the white slip completely burnt off in the firing leaving behind a very flat sgraffito design which didn't 'pop'. all in all the overall effect is dull and disappointing however i will try and refire a few pieces and see if i can't salvage something from the wreckage! you live and learn...

Friday, February 27, 2015

missing shop

in other news it would appear that there is some kind of 'bug' in my shop at the moment, depending on which link you follow it is either empty or just not there. i haven't managed to get any kind of response from Etsy about this yet! Thanks to a persistent follower for bringing this to my attention.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

pattern v. texture

i had a mixed bag out of my glaze firing at the end of last week. Nothing exciting but many things learned yet again. I made about 30 small bowls from a range of clays from the extremely smooth and pliable, to some heavily grogged and others painfully dry just to compare and contrast, play around with surface textures and patterns. i have these things in my mind that i want to make but making them real is a tricky thing having never made anything 3-d in my life! i was pleased with the appearances of all but one of the clays, a toasted stoneware which was a dream to work with but such an ugly colour after firing! it didn't seem to know what colour it wanted to be - brown or manky bilge.

i was also pleased with 2 of the new glazes i tried, one was a semi-transparent chun which worked nicely on this grey stripey bowl with its milky patches - no blue though which was a shame!

i've been enjoying the repetition of making the same small bowl over and over (you know me i like a bit of repetition) and learning the whimsies of the shape as i went and enjoying the rustic forms as they evolved.

i had forgotten that i made these little dishes from some black clay a while ago and popped a couple in to see how they came out - the results were delicious and i feel there is some more work to be done with these perhaps on a larger scale.

but for now it's back to making some more small bowls as i hunt for my dream clay or clays and conjure up some more glazes to slosh about with...

Friday, February 20, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

new work

 voluminous chorus
oil based ink and pencil on salvaged notebook page

 inaccessible exit
oil based ink, pencil and burning on salvaged hardback book cover 
with found hand written notes

 in unison
oil based ink, spray paint, pencil and gouache on salvaged book page

gouache on linen panel

pencil on salvaged book page

a selection of pieces from the past few weeks all of which are available in the Restless Things shop.

Friday, February 13, 2015

work in progress

a new bowl out of the kiln this morning waiting with the others to get glazed and some new surfaces to experiment on with some salvaged paper on wooden panels.