Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let go!

They say the first post is always the hardest...trying to find your voice amongst the million trillion other blogs out there feels very daunting right now!

Will anyone read what I write? Does anyone care!?

Anyways, the starting point for me writing this blog has really come from being really interested in a number of other, creative minded peoples blogs. I have felt in the recent weeks a need to get my head together. I am a creative minded person who has floundered around for a number of years since finishing art school, not really making anything permanent and of substance and accepting that this is what I need to do with my life and I need to get on with it, like, NOW!

Finding that overall ‘work/life balance’ has been a really hard thing. My job often demands that I work long hours. It’s a physical, on my feet kinda job too which leaves me feeling quite exhausted and severely unmotivated when it comes to getting creative! Recently, instead of just coming home and curling up and snoozing I have really pushed myself to look at things I find inspirational, fire up my mind and start a sketch or just use my hands to start to’s been hard but I am really starting to feel the benefits. Instead of having wakeful, restless nights sleep I nights of blissful nights sleep where I dream of travelling to beautiful places and making wondrous objects - in my waking life I am relaxed yet awake in a completely different way!

So I guess this blog is about finding the beginnings of how all of my creative interests work together to make something of substance and interest. To let go of all of the doubts I have about myself and my abilities. To draw together my art, my craft and my love of music and be able to watch things mutate - like a sketchbook. I want people to see the things I make and pass comment on if you happen to stumble upon this blog and see me worrying about my latest painting or dithering about if the skirt I just made is the right length then please let me know what you think, it’s important to me!

This is mytune of the day...for all those people getting creative on a sunny, sunday afternoon...

Paul Duncan - Oil in the Fields