Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What's hapenin'...!?

It's been so long since I last posted! What can I say? No excuses really. I have had so many new toys to play with lately I just don't know where to start! My most recent (personal) discovery has been that I really hate to go shopping!? I have become extremely bored with the physical act of leaving my house and going to by anything! Okay, so if it's some nice little boutiques in Brooklyn that' another thing entirely...but currently I prefer to shop online and endure the wait. it leaves so much more time for the important stuff...creating, cruising round blogs and drinking a fine mug of tea! And, well...I have been a little (net) shopping crazy since early December. And due to postal backlogs I have had to wait a very long time for some of my items and now they're all here at once I have so many new toys to play with and not enough hours in the damn day!!!!! I have a gocco printer...hours of fun to be had here - why aren't these more widely available??! As seen drying above, printed gift wrap soon to be available in my etsy shop - links will appear when shop is up and running.

After a lot of thought I took the plunge and bought a small tabletop letterpress...a costly process but a very exciting one! I am really harking back to my 'print and photomedia' days at the mo...stll waiting for some bits and pieces befre I an really start to play with this one.

I have also started taking photos again. Something I thought I would never do. I was seriously thinking about gtting rid of my 35mm camera before xmas but have had a change of heart since then, and purchased both a polaroid and a holga instead. Recently I have come across some really inspirational polaroid and holga images. I really can't get enough of the colours, light and sense of age with these images. I will do another post later and show some flickr faves and also some of my own shots....

So little time...I have promised myself that I will not start any new projects until I have something to show...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Missing in action...

Due to a last minute break to New York I have been out of action for the past couple of weeks! Now I'm feeling rejuvenated and more than a little bit inspired...time to take all of the things i've seen, heard, smelt and tasted and turn them into something new!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out with the old...

This is the first year I’ve started with some serious ideas in resolutions as such, but plenty of focus on being creative. Since moving house 6 months ago I have - for the first time ever - had a whole room to call my own - my studio. If you recall an earlier post displaying half of the disarray that is my studio I said that most work happened on the floor or in another room...and basically I have realised that this just has to change if I am to get anything done seriously. So my 2007 project is to set up this room to fully function as a studio - to include better storage, shelving and work space for messy printing/painting/collage and a clean, dry area for sewing.

I have already made one very large purchase which will maximise storage of some tricky items...more on that when it arrives! Yesterday and today has been about clearing up and out, yes, out with the old already! I am a self confessed hoarder of paper and as much as I didn’t want to get rid of too much of it there needed to be some organisation. I do question, however, whether, as an artist, it is better to work in a more haphazard environment - it worked for Francis Bacon and so many others?

So now I have filed all of my snippets...things that I just can’t help but cut out of a magazine or newspaper...

- hands and arms
- eyes
- mouths
- birds
- butterflies
- flowers
- maps
- scientific diagrams
- graph paper
- hearts

Intriguing. It also makes me think of some words I came across in an old notebook today...

vulnerability of life
precariousness of love
inevitability of death

I think these are the icons and themes that interest me the most when I create. It’s been a revelation in helping me to assess the motifs that are most important to my work.