Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh Design*Sponge, how you make me work so hard!

Well, it's happened again. My work has been featured on the great, great Design*Sponge. The Flora print is now sold out. Thanks to everybody who bought this print. It really warms my heart that people are enjoying the images I create. I really love that there is someone out there really paying attention to up and coming artists, designers, creators and giving them coverage. Coverage that gets noticed. Thanks you so much Design* I better get to work and get some more stuff in that shop!! By Sunday...promise. x

'This is Not a Love Song...' 2005. Collage and c'aran d'ache pastel on newsprint. This isn't a piece I currently have for sale but is one of my favorite pieces I have made over the past few years and is suggestive of where some of my newer works may head.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

For the love of paper...

Isn't it really exciting when you discover that something you've been playing around with for a while has suddenly come together to form something you can say is comfortably 'finished'. I love that. But then that thing starts to take over...eeeep! My house is overrun with old book pages...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Big WOW!

I was totally overwhelmed yesterday when I discovered that one of my gocco prints was featured on the fabulous Design Sponge! The 'Blue Fawn' print was a limited edition of 15 prints I had listed on my Etsy shop 'Restless Things' purely to see how much, if any, interest they would get. Within a few hours these prints had sold out...and I was nearly having a heart-attack in front of my computer!

Despite being asked many times I will not be doing any more prints of the blue fawn as those already purchased are numbered as a series of 15. There is however an edition of 30 prints titled 'Flora' for sale in the shop as of now...see below for a detail...drop in to the shop for more images.

Comments on this page have now been enabled! Feel free to make a comment...or just say 'Hello...'

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I heart...

Here are a few interesting things discovered over the past week that have been a mixture of inspiration and intrigue...most importantly a music blog I have discovered called 'TAKE AWAY SHOWS.' A truly magical blog that features impromptu shows out in the streets late at night by a variety of artists/bands and is described on the site as

'creating and sharing a unique space for just a few fleeting moments. Before your eyes the music moves, slowly evolving and finding an instance of clarity, emanating out just as the participants find each other-the camera included...'

....the results are just amazing. The must see piece for me was Stars Like Fleas 'Sop the Juice' have to give it a minute to warm up and for the melody to drift around the empty street.

Also whilst poking around on Etsy I came across Essimar's beautiful cards and papaer creations. Also really liked tiinateaspoon's photography.

Am currently working on a series of prints to sell in my Etsy shop Restless Things. These will be gocco prints on pages from a selection of books. I love how the paper is so beautifully aged and discoloured...Also already available are a few necklaces and there are more to follow when I figure out the best way to photograph the things!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

holga and polaroid faves...

Here are some of the beautiful holga and polaroid photos that have inspired me to not put down my camera but to look at some alternatives and experiment...
winter's day
come home
death from above


I'm very excited to be taking part in tiffany's new art swap '5 x 7 art'. I only have a few days left to create...who know's what I will make. I thought the idea of a bit of pressure to make something in a certain time span and then sending it out into the world would be a fabulous i'm not so sure...haha!