Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm pottering around today trying to tie up lots of loose ends as I have a busy (not in a good way) week next week. Fingers crossed, there will be some new prints in the shop on Sunday plus some of the 'my secret self' sketches I was working on before I went away. I was hoping for there to be more of a series of those but I just can't seem to pick up where I left off...

I'm also working on a new book which I'm hoping to debut next sunday. I'm really enjoying playing with the whole book format at the moment as it's something I've been wanting to dive into for a while but the way into it has been eluding me...

I'll leave you with some great tunes on Daytrotter for your weekend...

Happy halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

ed and jean

Ed and Jean, where are you now?

Thing of beauty or a thing of 'eewww' - I'm sure people will be divided on the matter. But I, of course, am completely in love with this little bundle of golden hair. I love how it's two separate shades of gold but over the years in the envelope they've felted together...

I bought it at a flea market whilst away in New York and whilst holding it in my hand as I browsed through the other fine junk I was thinking - how do you put a price on an old lump of hair? Would it be $2 or $20 - hmmmm...

Me: how much for this?
Vendor: (looking horrified) just give me how much you think it's worth...
Me: how about $2? (cunning, no?)
Vendor: weeeelll, I was thinking more like $5...
Me: ooh, I'd have to think about it (I am a cheapskate)
Vendor: ok! ok! call it $3!

Never has there been so much haggling over a lump of old hair!!?

Now, what will I do with it?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sketch 28th october: dust study...
pencil on book page

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sketch 2nd october: similar, but not quite the same...
pencil and gouache on book page

Monday, October 26, 2009


I just wanted to say a BIG THANKS to anyone who has supported my work and bought something from the Restless Things shop...I'm celebrating 1000 sales today! I feel quite a sense of achievement having finally reached that four digit number and I couldn't have done it without you.

I was intending on taking some snaps of purchases from my trip but the sun just wasn't going to pop his head out today. You'll have to make do with a few scans of some photos I got of old film stars on tv/cinema screens...i love these kinds of photos! Let's hope it brightens up later in the week...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

looking up/hard lines/geometric shapes

I have returned! I gave up posting photos after the first week cos the weather turned really grey it was hard to get any good shots. Looking back through I've found some shots I quite like so I will try to share these over the next few days while I get over having eaten my own body weight in pizza and the jet lag etc...thanks for bearing with me...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Just when you thought I'd finished my little blog break and normal
posting might be resumed asap I've dropped by to tell you that it
will be another 2 or so weeks until I get back to it as I'm off on my
hols! For the past two weeks I've been doing nothing more
exciting than working a ton at my day job so it's a welcome break
for me, a break from being in the studio too. I will be taking
nothing more than a pencil and notebook with me for moments of
inspiration but generally giving the brain a total rest.

So, I'll leave you with my september mix with top tunes from
golden isles and milla jovovich...enjoy!

Welcome to all of the new 'followers' that suddenly appeared!
Where did you spring from I wonder?