Monday, July 05, 2010


so, i'm back to some light blogging this week after my hiatus. i've taken some time to relax, not draw and do some new things.

i felt like i had reached a real moot point with my work a few weeks ago and over analyzing my inability to produce work that i felt had the right quality was leaving my on the verge of anxiety attacks in the studio - yikes!

it dawned on me whilst i was busy trying not to draw that i needed a distraction. to not continually force myself day in and out to produce drawings and most importantly for it to be something that i love almost as equally as my art.

since the beginning of the year and in a bid to live more simply i've been on a mission to get rid of vast amount of 'stuff' from our house. i accumulate things at a rate of knots and we have very little room and almost no storage. i just buy things without knowing why i need them sometimes - they just lure me in. damn you bric-a-brac i just love ya!

and then it dawned on me (it's been a week of dawns) that etsy is a marketplace for not only handmade goods but vintage items too and thusly i have come to open another shop on etsy for vintage items. not only am i able to sell some of my personal collection of what-nots but also indulge myself a little when i'm out thrifting .

without further ado i give you: Restless General Store

the shop is a mix of home decor and household goods alongside paper ephemera, clothing and accessories and the items therein are chosen for my love of well-made and aged objects from materials such as wood, glass, metal, leather and paper.

it's a work in progress but i hope you have the time to stop by for a browse - you never know what you may find!


Rebecca said...

What a good idea! It gives you something new to focus on, plus you can clear out some clutter and make a bit of money. I just took a peek at the store, and there's so much great stuff there!!

I've been picking up all sorts of bits from charity shops lately. I just can't resist a bargain, but I'm running out of cupboards to stuff things into. I'm not allowing myself to buy any more tea services as I don't use the ones I have! The obsession seems to have moved onto old cameras, but I ended up buying two last week that I won't be able to get film for. I need to stop wasting money!!

Anyway, have a great week!

Olivia Jeffries said...

thanks rebecca! it's all just completely irresistible isn't it?

nathalie et cetera said...

wow! just visited you new store (love the name!). Great idea! Will visit again!

Sarah said...

Oh no, what are you doing to me!! All that lovely stuff and affordable UK postage too! I too have a hoarding problem, but it's nothing that people would want to buy (think stupidly small scraps of paper, toilet roll middles, balls from the middles of cartridges... hmmm, do I actually have a problem?!)

Anyway, I think it's a great idea (especially the bit where you get to indulge yourself further :) ) Hope you come to some peace with your art etc. I've been there (am constantly there) and it's not pretty. But it'll be ok one way or the other xxx

oldyarns said...

Liking the new store, some lovely pieces in the window. Kx

Feltbug said...

I love your new store - I am in a clearing out frame of mind these days. Your collection of vintage photographs is particularly appealing :)