Thursday, August 05, 2010

4th august: everything that i have ever known
pencil and gouache on book page

notes: something i like to think about a lot when i'm working is truly unquantifiable or unknowable things, like, how many breaths have i taken in my life and how many more are there left, is there alien life out there and more to the point in the case of this drawing: how many things have i ever experienced and either remembered or forgotten. the mind is a curious and wonderful thing and i like to think about the fact that i just can't remember everything and then sometimes, like a waft of freshly mown grass or something, a big wonderful memory washes over you and you haven't experienced that thing in so long and it's such an inconsequential yet momentous thing all at the same time. that's it.

thanks for all of your birthday wishes this week! :)

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sensitiveartist said...

great post! a lost memory that serendipitously appears out of when that happens.

gorgeous drawing. I never tire of your geometric awesomeness.