Monday, August 09, 2010

general store

i hope you don't mind but I've decided to post a little occasional preview for the Restless General Store in this space here. Trying to manage a separate blog for it was way too much for my brain to handle. i don't want you to feel like I'm trying to sell you stuff; it's more that I particularly enjoy doing the photographs as it gives me a break from incessant thoughts of drawing. the objects i choose for the shop are very much my style and are a nice contrast with the old papers i use and my drawings. it's taking up quite a lot of my spare time so it would be great to show what else i'm up to when i'm not drawing!


Walter Helena said...

Beautiful finds...I love that you can put the two sides of your brain together here.


Feltbug said...

I think it all works really well together too. I love the combination of your work and your thrifting.

Nahema Cherry said...

i thing is more easy this way than checking one blog and then the other :)

stephanie levy said...

I find it amazing how everything you do - your shop, jewelry, photos all share the same beautiful color scheme :) So don't worry - it all fits together wonderfullly!