Thursday, August 19, 2010

i don't know what's been up with blogger but i haven't been able to post pictures all week! i'm a real visual person myself - what good is a post without pictures? acres of text just puts me off altogether.

the week has completely vanished right before me. after i managed to buy a terrible lot of crap at an auction i had to spend all of time putting it on ebay to get my money back and get this rubbish out of my house! there's not much time left before it starts all over again, it always feels like my week starts on a saturday for some reason, and there's so much to do.

have a fab weekend!


helicopter6 said...

The wooden spoon collection is fantastic. I saw a similar post on another blog recently (can't remember who), and both photos make me want to start a considered wooden spoon collection all of my own! A friend has started carving his own from green wood - so I think that could very well be a good place to start!

Karen Cheung said...

Hi Olivia (I came across your blog via Artemis' but I already knew your lovely work from Etsy), I know exactly what you mean about buying terrible crap at auctions. Have you been to TW Gaze's in Diss? They do a wonderful 'rural and domestic bygones' auction every now and then. My husband and I went and bought a whole pile of junk once, but there are some lovely things there. Not always cheap, though. Which auction houses do you go to?

Olivia Jeffries said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by :)

It's funny you should mention gaze's as I just went there for the first time yesterday - there wasn't too much of interest for me but the statues outside were pretty amazing! keys in aylsham is pretty good though, i'm trying to work my way around auctions not too far from home when i get the time!