Thursday, October 07, 2010

props :: one

i thought over the next couple of days i'd share some of my favorite props which i use when styling the photos for RGS. there is a wide range of bits and bobs, some i've picked up recently and others are things that have been with me for years.

the chalkware girl statue in the top photo is one of my recent favorites and to think that i very nearly threw her out! her features have completely worn away, she has no feet and a spiders nest between her knees but i love the strangely mysterious quality she brings to photos.

the natural mat in the bottom photo is my current item of choice, it works so nicely against the bare wood of the table. i have a hard time not using it in every photo.


helicopter6 said...

What a beautiful set of props. i love the fact that chalk girl has a spiders nest between her knees - there's a drawing, or even a whole story in that!

Gonçalo Gameiro said...

inspired me

Isabel Marques said...

your props remind me of a cabinet of curiosities! Very lovely