Tuesday, October 05, 2010

small wonders

(bah! this whole new blogger image uploader thing is terrible - it's taken me half an hour and six attempts just to get these two pic on here!!)

this week is the first in my new routine and is dubbed a 'vintage' week. i've collected my loot from a local auction house and spent some time going through it separating the chaff out. there's plenty of it (chaff that is) but amongst it the beautiful things that make it worth the purchase - hand carved sculptures, apothecary bottles and tooled leather bags.

i really enjoy the detritus that comes in these boxes of stuff too. broken or worn out bits and pieces that give you hints about the previous owners life make me wonder what will happen to my own stuff when i'm gone. what will happen to my notebooks and paintbrushes, maybe they will be gold dust to someone one day. little scraps of paper, buttons and nubs of old pencils fill me with wonder and joy - what small wonders make your day?


{oldyarns} said...

Interesting thought... scraps of linen, textiles, sewing notions are the dust I leave behind. K

barbarabeesblog said...

On sunday a caterpillar was playing with us for at least 1 hour, sitting on our shirt, flying away, coming back. That was really great. That made my day.