Monday, January 31, 2011


29th october: haunted
pencil on an old book page

i've been away for a while but hopefully now back to it. here's a lost drawing from the end of october - i haven't made a single piece of work since then. i'm a little apprehensive of how to get back to it.

i thought for a while that i might be done with drawing for good and was thinking of winding everything down this month and shutting up shop for good. but there's a little itchy feeling in the back of my mind which makes me think i'm not quite done. looking forward to trying to put a pencil or brush to paper this week, who knows what will happen.


Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

I know you are enjoying your vintage shop too, but please don't give up drawing....the rest of us need you to make the work that you do!!! cheers, P.

Olivia Jeffries said...

i will try :)