Monday, February 21, 2011

bye bye for now

due to complications with shipping items to the usa (where my main customer base resides) i am closing the vintage leg of my business Restless General Store. it was fun for a while but the past few months with endless delays to shipping times has really sapped my time, energy and now my income and I just can't keep spending hours working on it when people in the states (understandably) are completely put off the idea of buying from the uk. january was just a nightmare. no one wants to wait 2 months for a package.

maybe later in the year i may be able to revitalise it...

CLOSING DOWN SALE: get 25% off with the discount code byebyefornow (make sure you add the code at the checkout as I will not be giving refunds after the event!!)   (sale is all done now)

Due to the current problems with shipping items to the united states from the uk i can no longer sustain this part of my business here on etsy. for a short period items will be on sale here after which time i will be gradually moving all items to ebay. 

Thanks to everyone who has browsed, bookmarked or bought items from this store; it was fun while it lasted.


Leanne said...

Sorry to hear your shutting your lovely shop, I understand though. I've just purchased your case of butterflies, I've had my eye on them for ages!

Leanne x

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you're closing (for now). The postage has been a nightmare hasn't it, left me out of pocket too :( Hopefully one day all will be well again xxx

{oldyarns} said...

Sorry to see you go, the vintage blouse I bought from you is a fave!

I can completely relate, I'm in Australia and shipping to the US gives me ulcers ... for some reason over Xmas (still continuing now even though its late Feb) they imposed an extra $10 'security charge'. Arrgh!

Take care,


Olivia Jeffries said...

$10!!! that's terrible. i really don't understand where all of these problems are coming from all of a sudden but it is seriously putting a crimp on my business.

enjoy that blouse - i must have kept that in my wardrobe for nearly 10 years just to take it out and look at its beauty every now and again *sigh*