Tuesday, February 15, 2011

simply paper

15th february: fortuitous opening
spray paint, pencil and sgraffito on paper

notes: i've always written '...on an old book page' or suchlike when i give information on the medium in which i've worked. it's always irritated me for some reason, like, i'm justifying this scruffy piece of paper and giving it a fancy name. i don't really care what people think of my organic drawings so from hereon in it will simply be known as 'paper'.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oh but it's not just 'a scruffy piece of paper'..! Book pages have a special quality to them- both romantic and in their material. They're a kind of soft rich paper that is rarely made any more; each page has it's own markings, stains, creases and tones left from the book it once lived in. You can pile up as many end papers as you like, but you know you'll never get two exactly the same. Taking all that into account, I think the status of an old book page is just as much organic as your drawings. Your pieces would certainly change if you stopped using it, yes?

Olivia Jeffries said...

thanks for your comment but i won't be stopping using old book pages, i'm just reducing their name to 'paper' in my descriptions of them :)