Wednesday, March 02, 2011

the 'head

so, there's a new radiohead album. do you love it, do you hate it?

i'm in the love group.

not sure about this video or whether a man of this age should be wearing jeans like this though.


only daydreaming said...

I agree with you about the jeans.

As for loving the album, I've only listened to it once online but I'm pretty sure I will love it after a few more listens.

He does kind of rock the bowler hat though. :)

mil said...

I have been following this blog for a long time, and wierd i haven't have an urge to but a comment under your art, even i think it's lovely and for furtherer explanation for this one word: it has a good energy in it, smooth and somehow looking this calms me down. But the real reason i wanted to make my appearance here is: he's not too old for those jeans! His forty for sake! And this video is like Tom Yorke is doing you the seducing dance, after his concert! it's hard to imagine him doing this in suit. so the pants are fine.


Momo Luna said...

I'm in the love group also.
I always fall in love with his voice and lyrics again and again.
I don't like tight pants like that, not for youngsters, not for older youngsters lol, but i think he should wear whatever pants he likes. ;-)