Wednesday, March 02, 2011


how did we get to wednesday and no posts? the thought was there but i've been all in a muddle with house hunting, we've barely started and i'm hardly getting any sleep for thinking about space, light and cupboards.

here's three pieces from the other week which i didn't get around to posting and i've already moved on to some new pieces this week. their titles are in the air somewhere and now i think about it i'm not so sure i'm finished with that bottom piece. do click on them for a larger view as they're very subtle on the screen! more to follow!


only daydreaming said...

the top piece is so lovely. to me, it's a very good representation of the moment just before you fall into a deep sleep. just on the tip of subconsciousness.

maybe its your post title that led me to that...the power of suggestion. either way, I really like it.

Olivia Jeffries said...

thanks :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

they are indeed beautiful
please tell me olivia , do you use white ink with a thin brush or the thinnest edding paint marker ...or or?
I would love to know as I use white ink(windsor and newton) :)

Olivia Jeffries said...

hi jane, thanks for your comment. I mainly work with gouache and I think a 4/0 paintbrush (although it is so well used I can't quite make out the numbers!) The above pieces are a little different in that they are a mix of spray paint and pencil with some gouache details.