Wednesday, April 06, 2011


things are so hectic for me right now, here's why...
1) house hunting - still looking for the perfect spot out of the city
2) keeping this place organised in the meantime - lots of clearing up, tidying out and getting ready to move
3) learning to drive! i am 32 and some how driving just passed me by until now...
4) staying on top of work - trying to stay sane and calm enough to draw and carry on with the general store which is staying open (more on that in another post)

to round it up, i'm all over the place!

here's some random pictures from the last week which have no relation to anything really.


Claire said...

hope mr and mrs pineapple enjoyed their visit :)
great pics!
moving/preparing to move is so disruptive/disconcerting, so just keep breathing...
and good luck with the driving! it passed me by too, until i married an american, moved to CA and HAD to learn!

Olivia Jeffries said...

hi claire! thanks for your comment. i'm in a similar situation - we're looking to move out of the city so if i don't learn to drive i will never see anyone again! there is soo much to learn though!! :)