Tuesday, May 10, 2011

shadow time

10th may: becoming a shadow
gouache and burning on found notebook page with writing

notes: drawing has been a bit slow going around these parts as you may have noticed but here a finished piece from today. it's taken me about 10 days to get around to finishing this piece - i got there in the end! i just have so many things going on right now that i can barely spend any time on just the one thing, i'm wearing a little thin and essentially 'becoming a shadow'.

normal service will of course be resumed at some point in the future but first i need to:
  • find a nice house, decorate it and move into it
  • strip lots of lovely furniture to go in the house (particularly the lovely antique pine chest of drawers i found in the street last week!)
  • decorate the old rental house in a bid to get the damage deposit back 
  • learn to drive (i'm getting there apparently)
  • continue with selling at 2 car boot sales a week (so much stuff to get rid of, early mornings aren't my strong point)

this is amongst all of your usual day to day stuff and i'm generally alternating between keeping my chin up and feeling overwhelmingly miserable. today there was drawing though, and that made it all a little bit more bearable.

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lookingalittledrawn said...

Good luck with moving. I had a lot of house hassle last year, it just saps creative energy so.

I love your work, and follow you on etsy.x