Monday, June 27, 2011

kitchens on my mind


via amy johnson's blog

lena corwin's sneak peek on design sponge

this place has done the rounds over the past couple of weeks - the smithy

it has officially gone over 30 degrees here today and my brain has pretty much ceased all normal functioning. it is hot! all i can currently bring myself to do is look at some dream kitchens on the interweb and ponder how i will make our new one all lovely (and when i say 'new' kitchen i really mean old as the building is over 150 years old).

i'm torn between bespoke traditional fitted kitchen and cobbled together antique cabinets as there are pros and cons to both. also from the looks of it in these pics i'm really into open shelving which, let's face it, isn't the most practical of things unless you have tons of time to clean them.

there will at some point be pics (i love a good before & after post) of the new place but we're not quite there yet. let's hope i've not jinxed it by talking/thinking about it too much. back to dreaming for now...


Karen Cheung said...

oh! have you found a house? I have my fingers crossed that it all goes well for you. I am loving the burn hole drawings - they are beautiful.


Olivia Jeffries said...

hi karen! we've found somewhere but it's all a bit slow moving as it's part of a much bigger building (they've got to seal up all of the secret doorways (!!!) first) so i am keeping it under wraps until it's all official and we have the keys - i can't wait! :))

Karen Cheung said...

Ooh, wonderful! I hope your patience pays off soon. Best of luck! x