Monday, July 18, 2011

house & studio

over the weekend i've fueled my imagination and longing for a bright, clean and organized studio space by cruising the web and sighing at all of the wonderful studio spaces there are out there. i'm always particularly interested in people's studios when they work from home, it's interesting to see how the two work together. i can't even bare to reveal the state mine is in, we are existing in utter chaos right now and i feel like i can barely breathe.

the studio of carson ellis from a recent post on

the shared studio space of jennifer sarkilahti, see more on her blog

the oft blogged about shed of artemis russell

here's a few more lovelies for all you dreamers out there...

the makers project (wonderful photos and interviews by jennifer causey)
jackson pollock and lee krasner house & studio (this kind of size would do me a treat!)
studio violet (look at all of that light)

enough torture already.

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