Friday, August 26, 2011


august 26th: looming
gouache on a salvaged scrapbook page with faded transfer prints from antique engravings

available in the Restless Things shop

notes: i mentioned this piece of paper a couple of years ago here on the blog, i've always thought it beautiful but have been slightly afraid to use it for fear of cocking it up and having to throw it away! as i was sorting through all of my paper collection in the prep for moving (no progress on that front just yet) i pulled out a few special pieces and decided they weren't doing much good tucked away in the plan chest forever, it was time for them to be used.

this sheet of paper is from an old scrapbook, i bought it a while back from an old junk shop in london, it was just loose in a folder of prints and drawings. as is the way in these places i think the chap at the till thought i was a bit bonkers bringing all of these tatty scraps of old paper of no importance up to him but there really were some gems hidden in that folder, including this one.

the paper is watermarked 1826 and has these haunting cut out figures delicately transfered onto its rough surface and despite my hunting through the folder the original page was nowhere to be found.

as i was adding my own marks onto the paper i was thinking about how the overlapping marks looked similar to woven fabric and the weaving of thread like lines, history and haunting figures in this piece brought together the dual meanings of the word 'loom', weaving and materializing at the same time.

Monday, August 15, 2011


15th august: harbinger
gouache on found watermarked drawing

available in the Restless Things shop

notes: refreshed after a hectic weekend of cleaning (cooker, tops of cupboards - the real crappy stuff, y'know?) in prep for the elusive move (finally, the survey should be done this week), i felt inspired enough to sit a while and work on this beauty. i packed away all of my  paper hoard from the plan chest this weekend also and rediscovered some of the fabulous pieces i have had stashed away for some time. ultimately i had to keep this piece as simple as possible as thoughts of my impending driving test have been overwhelmingly distracting of late!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


so as you can see posting and work in general is moving very slowly around these parts. we are waiting to move. it is taking a long time. this is out first purchase together and we are excited for space to call our very own. *sigh*

but things are moving in small ways everyday and recently i reached quite a milestone without actually realizing it. in 2007 i left my full time job in management to focus on my artwork. it was a scary step as i didn't really know at the time which direction my work would go in and if i could really make it 'happen'. all i knew was that working for a corporate company left me feeling hollow.

i have continued working for this company for the past four years in a part time capacity which i have slowly scaled back each year as my own businesses have grown and was finally able to hand in my notice last week. it's a relief but also simultaneously unnerving again to think that i am the person solely responsible for my own future from now on!

as a celebration i'm offering a 10% discount until sunday evening in both Restless Things and Restless General Store, enter the code 'milestone' in the coupon code box at checkout.

close your eyes

8th august: close your eyes and pretend
pencil on salvaged map

available in the Restless Things shop

notes: another bigger piece on a lovely old map, i wish i had a giant scanner so i could get a better image of it though. work is so slow right now, i have never felt so uninspired in my life! it's one of those slumps that nothing seems to be able to get me out of, all i want to do is move house but instead all i can find the energy for is baking (bread, pitta, pasties, muffins, cookies - everyday!). hurry up house move, i'm bored.

Monday, August 08, 2011

a leave taking

download the wonderful debut ep from bill ryder-jones for free here

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


so it would appear i magically became a year older, where did the past year go? we had nice little jaunt out to the seaside, southwold to be precise, had lots of chips and beer and saw these things. all in all pretty good if not a little bit too hot (30 degrees) for poor ol' fair skinned me.