Friday, August 26, 2011


august 26th: looming
gouache on a salvaged scrapbook page with faded transfer prints from antique engravings

available in the Restless Things shop

notes: i mentioned this piece of paper a couple of years ago here on the blog, i've always thought it beautiful but have been slightly afraid to use it for fear of cocking it up and having to throw it away! as i was sorting through all of my paper collection in the prep for moving (no progress on that front just yet) i pulled out a few special pieces and decided they weren't doing much good tucked away in the plan chest forever, it was time for them to be used.

this sheet of paper is from an old scrapbook, i bought it a while back from an old junk shop in london, it was just loose in a folder of prints and drawings. as is the way in these places i think the chap at the till thought i was a bit bonkers bringing all of these tatty scraps of old paper of no importance up to him but there really were some gems hidden in that folder, including this one.

the paper is watermarked 1826 and has these haunting cut out figures delicately transfered onto its rough surface and despite my hunting through the folder the original page was nowhere to be found.

as i was adding my own marks onto the paper i was thinking about how the overlapping marks looked similar to woven fabric and the weaving of thread like lines, history and haunting figures in this piece brought together the dual meanings of the word 'loom', weaving and materializing at the same time.


nathalie et cetera said...

simply superb!

Olivia Jeffries said...

cheers m'dear :)

helen lyôn said...

that chap looks like elvis ? ;-))

Olivia Jeffries said...

he does actually! I hadn't noticed :))