Tuesday, August 09, 2011


so as you can see posting and work in general is moving very slowly around these parts. we are waiting to move. it is taking a long time. this is out first purchase together and we are excited for space to call our very own. *sigh*

but things are moving in small ways everyday and recently i reached quite a milestone without actually realizing it. in 2007 i left my full time job in management to focus on my artwork. it was a scary step as i didn't really know at the time which direction my work would go in and if i could really make it 'happen'. all i knew was that working for a corporate company left me feeling hollow.

i have continued working for this company for the past four years in a part time capacity which i have slowly scaled back each year as my own businesses have grown and was finally able to hand in my notice last week. it's a relief but also simultaneously unnerving again to think that i am the person solely responsible for my own future from now on!

as a celebration i'm offering a 10% discount until sunday evening in both Restless Things and Restless General Store, enter the code 'milestone' in the coupon code box at checkout.

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lookingalittledrawn said...

Good luck with everything Olivia.x