Tuesday, November 08, 2011


one of the biggest transformations in our house so far has been my studio. there was no foul 70's wallpaper or major decorating faux pas in this house for me to truly dazzle you with any overwhelming transformations, just dirt and poorly painted walls which don't show up in the pics - believe me, this room needed a lot of cleaning and painting.

it's a deceptively spacious room with a giant window and massive art deco fireplace which sadly won't be working until next year. the boards are not in great condition so i went with a floor paint to mask their problems, i have a soft spot for painted boards! they have taken a bit of getting used to though, i'm perpetually scared of scuffing them. 

i'm looking forward to being curled up in here sometime soon with a big mug of tea and a roaring fire whilst i'm working sometime soon...

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Jann Gougeon said...

that floor will be beautiful! Wish I had done that instead of getting my floor sanded. I like lot of white! I enjoy seeing your renovations, as I'm doing the same. :)