Thursday, December 08, 2011

30th november: to fall
gouache and burning on an old book page

available in the Restless Things shop

notes: here's a piece i finished before last weeks illness. if you don't already know it i can tell you that an infection in your jaw is no fun. soup and yogurt all the way. woop.

i've been finding that over the past twelve months or so the way i work has started to change. i have a very short attention span and usually find that i prefer a drawing to be finished either in one sitting or in the same day or else i tire of it. instead of working more spontaneously i've been seeing pieces come together over a period of months and have enjoyed spending time reflecting on how a piece could evolve.

whilst this is still a small drawing the three layers were added at different times over the past 18 months and creating it has helped me understand how these times of reflection could help move my work forwards. it's been refreshing for my brain not to intensely focus on one piece but to have many pieces on the go and work on the particular one which was calling to me on a given day.

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