Monday, November 28, 2011

always with the happy thoughts

25th november: abacus
gouache on salvaged cardboard panel with tape and rusted staples

available in the Restless Things shop

notes: finally, here's one of those larger pieces i was talking about. i can just about squeeze it on the scanner but took some snaps too to show the lovely soft worn edges.

many of my thoughts when making this piece revolved around the passing of time, long overdue end of the world catastrophes and archaic numbering systems. as we were on flood alert yesterday i was loathe to post anything about these thoughts lest it become a jinx and we would be swept away with the entire rest of the east coast of the uk. so you might say there is a smattering of paranoia in this piece also.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


don't think that because i haven't posted any new pieces that i'm not working :)

i'm working on two bigger pieces and they're taking me a while to get through.

also the light in this room is completely different to my old space that i'm struggling to find a good time of day to photograph what i'm up to. this is north facing as opposed to my old sunny south facing spot so there tends to be a very dull grey light for most of the day. alternatively, there is the garish glow of my crazy branch lamp at night! i don't really like either :(

Monday, November 21, 2011

new view

i have to stand on tiptoes to see this view out of the studio window, i'm hoping that if i'm not distracted by what's out there then i'll get more work done in here ;)


another older piece available for the first time in the shop, hollow from 2010.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

in my hands...

a couple of days before we moved i received a flurry of frantic emails regarding a drawing of mine from last year titled 'the call and its response'. the person contacting me was desperately trying to get hold of me as they wanted to use the piece on the front cover of the reissue of the swedish poet tomas transtromer's selected poems which was imminently about to go to the printers as he had won the nobel prize for literature only the day before.

i was unfamiliar with transtromer's work but was immediately drawn to descriptions of his poems as being haunting and 'frequently exploring the boundary between human consciousness and the unknown'.

yes! this is right up my street i thought to myself.

thanks to allison saltzman at harper collins for the poignant pairing of my drawing with this body of work, i just love curling up and picking out poems to read to myself.

if you'd like to read some of transtromer's work there are quite a number of translations available here and there online. i really like these two, after a death and outskirts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


15th november: universal
gouache on salvaged piece of card

available in the Restless Things shop

found this piece whilst sorting out before our move, it's pretty big at around 11 x 16", i'm starting to like this working on larger sized pieces.

i made this piece over a year ago but it fell down the back of my mighty beast of a plan chest where it has been residing with the dust bunnies ever since. i've dated it with today's date however as i don't feel things are truly finished until they are recorded in this here space.

Monday, November 14, 2011

the return of absence

the first of a few older original pieces is back in the shop today...

absence, pencil on salvaged book page, 2010.

good morning

a few shots from a sunny sunday. things are slowly coming together and it's starting to look more like a home. the only thing that could make this better at the moment would be some heat and hot water. we had a massive crack in our hot water tank, soggy floorboards and an unsafe woodburner. fingers crossed for some warmth this week!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


8th november: tranquil expanse (top)
detail (below)
gouache and burning on a salvaged hand colored print

available in the Restless Things shop

another larger piece that won't fit on the scanner! i've been waiting for some sunshine for days so i could get some good pics of it.

this is a piece which has evolved over time, i painted the white circle a few months ago but just couldn't find the right thing to balance it out until a couple of days ago. complete at last.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

the finished article

above: painting complete, below: moving in, tidy shots to follow!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


one of the biggest transformations in our house so far has been my studio. there was no foul 70's wallpaper or major decorating faux pas in this house for me to truly dazzle you with any overwhelming transformations, just dirt and poorly painted walls which don't show up in the pics - believe me, this room needed a lot of cleaning and painting.

it's a deceptively spacious room with a giant window and massive art deco fireplace which sadly won't be working until next year. the boards are not in great condition so i went with a floor paint to mask their problems, i have a soft spot for painted boards! they have taken a bit of getting used to though, i'm perpetually scared of scuffing them. 

i'm looking forward to being curled up in here sometime soon with a big mug of tea and a roaring fire whilst i'm working sometime soon...

Monday, November 07, 2011

7th november: lost in thought
gouache on partly erased drawing of a figure

available in the Restless Things shop

a little something to get me back in the groove again today...

moments: day one

woke up on our first full day in the house to a beautiful sunrise and so much quiet! i couldn't sleep as my brain was whirring away with excitement. had to spend some time just wandering around this space trying to get familiar with all of its idiosyncrasies. new light, different smells and unusual sounds have all been so refreshing.