Sunday, January 01, 2012


happy new year to all! i spent most of the evening asleep in front of the telly with a glass of wine. i woke up in time to see in the new year and go upstairs and watch all the fireworks off on the horizon.

so, anyone got any interesting new year's resolutions? the blogosphere is abound with them! i didn't make any this time last year as we had too much on our plates. the year before that my plan was to keep the mantra 'keep it simple' in my mind, and i can safely say that i did and i pared things (from junk in cupboards to the list of blogs i keep up with) down and felt good for it.

this year i think my goal is to get focused. the past year has been a mixture of hectic/tiresome/miserable interspersed with some great moments of course - it wasn't all bad! i feel that somewhere along the line i lost my daily routine and my ability to get work done, essentially i'm all over the place and time just keeps on running away from me.

but first we have the pleasure of the builders arriving in the morning. i'm envisioning chaos for at least another couple of weeks...


andreas said...


I wish you a good 2012! I've been following you blog since quite a long time now. Thank you for sharing your art and your life. It is allways very inspiring tom me!

best wishes,

Olivia Jeffries said...

thanks andreas :) have a good one yourself