Friday, January 13, 2012


my goodness, it would appear to be friday already, how did that happen?! most of my week has been spent living in utter chaos, with boxes, rubbish, builders and brick dust all over the place as we've slowly discovered that this house is going to cost us a little more than we had bargained for...

last week i mentioned a giveaway. it's been a while since i've done one and as january is the shop's anniversary month (5 years people - how did THAT happen!?) i thought what better way to celebrate the new year, 5 whole years of Restless Things and working towards independence than to say thank you to all of those who follow my work here and anyone who has bought work from me during this time with little gift.

i have for your consideration one copy of  tomas transtromer's selected poems with cover art by yours truly to be won by one lucky commenter. all you need to do is leave a comment on this post with a link to something you've found inspiring of late and a winner will be chosen at random next friday, 20th January. good luck!

also, as a celebratory flourish i'm doing a 'buy one get one free' offer on all standard size prints in the shop. if you can't see the print you're looking for drop me a line through the shop or my email (info @! to set up a custom listing.


arteriole said...

I am completely inspired by these "Broken Butterflies" by Anne Ten Donkelaar. I love the nod to scientific specimens, the use of something imperfect to create something beautiful, and the playfulness. Hope you are as inspired as I!

Thanks for the give-away!

Rebecca said...

Hi Olivia,

I always love reading your posts and seeing your latest drawings! And your work looks fantastic on the book cover.

Lately I've been researching natural fabric dyes, and have been particularly inspired by this blog:

I'm hoping to hand dye a small collection of scarves.

Imogen Greene said...

Hi Olivia,

Back in November I visited the Grant Museum, a historic zoological collection in London. There is a lifetime's worth of inspiration there for anyone interested in natural history, the act of collection and the balance between life, death and the gathering of knowledge.

Sara said...

I love your artworks, and I'd love to be in for a chance of winning the book! ~ Sara

Barbara said...

I love your work and YOU are inspiring for me!
Some other places that inspire me these days:
The forests during my stay in Germany over Christmas

Olivia Jeffries said...

comments are now closed for this giveaway :)