Friday, August 17, 2012


it's been a while again i know but i've been moving my studio space! i've moved from my lovely downstairs spot which whilst rather nice to look at was too cold for me to work in. my poor hands would go to sleep and that's not much use when you need to draw! my studio will eventually be a library for the fifty million books, cds and records which are still in boxes but for now it is being used as a storage space.

so now i'm upstairs in this little nook with a big window to gaze out of at the fields and allotments. it will probably distract me but it has to be said that i was missing the big window next to my desk in my old house. it's a little bit barren here at the moment and i'm just getting back to work today. hopefully i'll get some pics when i'm a bit more at home in this spot and of course some new drawings to reveal!

have a fab weekend, looks like a scorcher here :)

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