Wednesday, November 07, 2012

rosehips with a multitude of options - part two: the infusion

this morning we were having the biggest hail storm i ever recall seeing, practically pitch black at 8am and i decided it was time to have another crack at the rosehips, this time without the sugar.

i went through the 2 stewing and straining processes as for the syrup and then set about doing quite a few taste tests and infusing a small amount of the juice with lemon, ginger and cinammon and also making different combos of those flavours to see what would work for the best.

now, if you're not familiar with the taste of a rosehip it is very tart, slightly berryish with an underlying earthy quality. my taste tests revealed that it doesn't work too well with lemon as it's already quite sharp but ginger and cinammon is absolutely wonderful and very refreshing.

 follow the instructions as for the syrup below but instead of adding sugar do the following:

- measure your rosehip juice into a saucepan

- for every 100ml add roughly 1 thin (about 2-3mm thick) slice of fresh ginger and about 1/6 stick of cinammon - a small piece of unwaxed lemon peel does add quite a nice accent but no juice or flesh is required

- bring to a rolling boil for a few minutes and then leave to cool in the pan

- strain through a sieve

- leave until room temperature and then chill (it would probably stay fresh in the fridge for only a couple of days unless stored in sterilised jars or bottles)

- once chilled pour into ice cube trays and freeze

- to use either defrost in advance or just pour boiling water over the cubes - dilute to taste, i like mine about 50/50 with boiling water and you could add honey to taste if you're that way inclined and enjoy! ;)

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Leslie Avon Miller said...

I have a vision in my mind of the presentation of teas in a wooden box, and the careful choosing.
Love rose hips.