Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year to you all!

21st december - zenith
gouache, charcoal & burning on salvaged notebook page

available in the shop.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


staying in the warm and dry today to work on some drawings - it's not nice outside! i've had lots of hot tea and fresh warm crusty bread to keep my spirits up on such a dark day. i'll be curling up by the fire later for some reading and getting stuck into my sewing pile (just mending, nothing exciting).

thanks to all of you who have visited this space over the past year and for your comments, have a good one! x

Friday, December 21, 2012

happy winter solstice!

my goodness it's a struggle to get out of bed these days. here's to the days gradually eking out and there being more light!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


16th december: in passing
gouache and burning on salvaged notebook page

available in the shop

notes: here's a piece that's been in the making for a while which i'm pleased with, i like the way the shapes lean into one another and the white peeks out around the edges of the burning like it's being eclipsed. these burn marks were a real pain to edit in photoshop, i won't be mixing the burns again in a hurry!

Friday, December 14, 2012

moments & christmas

i still can't believe christmas is only 10 days away, how did it manage to sneak up on me like that!? there are still cards to be written and sent, i really must get on with that. christmas is an uninvolved as possible affair for me, i've got no time for the massive spendathon that it's become and have tried to keep things as simple as possible on the gift front making as much as i possibly can. this year i've grown extra cut flower plants for giving, made this lip balm in my favorite scent, put together cd compilations as always and have 2 recipes in mind: these spicy candied almonds & some lemon & white chocolate shortbread both to be bagged up and given on the day.

this weekend is expected to be strangely mild and i've got some walks, wood chopping and drawing planned - how about you?


Thursday, December 13, 2012

fingers crossed

2nd may: heap
gouache on ruled notebook page

early 2011: pivotal moment
gouache, spray paint & pencil on salvaged hardback book cover

available in the shop

i'm still in the process of listing some of the older pieces i mentioned the other week from the vaults. in other news i'm hoping to spend some time from now until the new year working on some new pieces and completing some other pieces started earlier in the year. i'm starting to feel more settled in my work space and the urge to get creative is back with me, fingers crossed.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

a lesson learned

so, i've learned a hard lesson over the past couple of weeks, don't let your domain name which you have had for YEARS expire because it will be sold to a zurich based media company and you will not be able to get it back and you will spend hours of your life trying to rectify the problem.

my new (old) website has moved to:

my new email address is: info (!a) - and if you've emailed my anytime since probably the end of july i won't have received your message but do try again on this new one :)

also, just a reminder that there is 10% off in the shop until tomorrow evening - just enter the code 'bonustime' at the checkout.


Saturday, December 01, 2012

a late autumn garden, one year on

it's been a year and a few weeks since we moved to this house and one of the main projects i've had on the go is our back garden. i love gardening and it's been wonderful to finally have a space to shape as i please and make my own. it's a small but manageable spot bearing in mind i have a giant allotment 60 seconds away and i'm proud to say i've made this on a tight budget. it's slowly coming together and i can't wait until next summer.

the top two pics show it how it is today, i had a cottage/secret garden in mind, the borders are edged with found materials all of which were either laying around or dug up in the garden. there were flints, old bricks and roof tiles, pieces of marble and victorian garden edging. these have all been lightly set into the soil so i can reshape areas if i need to. the plants were a mixture of ones i've accumulated over the years from previously rented houses which i brought with me like sedums, ferns and aquilegias. some were already growing here or sprung up after i dug some areas over such as foxgloves, feverfew and lemon balm. luckily there were a couple of mature trees and a grape vine already in place to give some structure. others have been grown from seed to fill the gaps such as all kinds of poppies, bronze fennel and sea hollies. i'm still waiting for some shrubs to grow up around the boundaries to make it more private but they will grow in time.

money has only really been spent on gravel, a few shrubs and some packs of seeds and i would estimate that i've spent less than £100 in total, all i need now is time for it to mature and start rambling.

pic three is mid-summer - still a work in progress and experimenting, one day some giant buddleias will hide our neighbor's solar panels!

pic four is how it was when we moved in - patchy grass and weeds ugh!

it's been a transformation that's for sure and i'll be doing some updates over time to show its progress, i hope you like it!