Thursday, December 06, 2012

a lesson learned

so, i've learned a hard lesson over the past couple of weeks, don't let your domain name which you have had for YEARS expire because it will be sold to a zurich based media company and you will not be able to get it back and you will spend hours of your life trying to rectify the problem.

my new (old) website has moved to:

my new email address is: info (!a) - and if you've emailed my anytime since probably the end of july i won't have received your message but do try again on this new one :)

also, just a reminder that there is 10% off in the shop until tomorrow evening - just enter the code 'bonustime' at the checkout.



only daydreaming said...

sorry you had to go through that trouble. but I love the image on your website. I was thinking about pinning it to one of my boards, but weren't sure how you felt about Pinterest.
as always, I am intrigued and moved with your work. happy holidays Olivia.

Olivia Jeffries said...

hi again! feel free to pin if you like - i think sites like pinterest have pros and cons to them and overall they do help artists to get exposure - i've certainly had quite a lot of people find me that way - so my experience at the moment is only really a positive one :)