Friday, December 14, 2012

moments & christmas

i still can't believe christmas is only 10 days away, how did it manage to sneak up on me like that!? there are still cards to be written and sent, i really must get on with that. christmas is an uninvolved as possible affair for me, i've got no time for the massive spendathon that it's become and have tried to keep things as simple as possible on the gift front making as much as i possibly can. this year i've grown extra cut flower plants for giving, made this lip balm in my favorite scent, put together cd compilations as always and have 2 recipes in mind: these spicy candied almonds & some lemon & white chocolate shortbread both to be bagged up and given on the day.

this weekend is expected to be strangely mild and i've got some walks, wood chopping and drawing planned - how about you?


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