Saturday, January 05, 2013


2nd january: brevity
gouache and typewriting on salvaged notebook page

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notes: another piece from the christmas and new year period. i found this bundle of almost yellow ochre school book paper - which i think i've had stashed away since i was in high school (it had some lesson notes in it which i discarded to use this as a poetry (ha!) notebook, the poetry was discarded and paper kept for a rainy day - it has the most wonderful soft yet grainy texture to it and is a joy to work on with gouache, the brush just glides over the surface. 

something i keep coming back to is trying to move my motifs out to the edges of the paper instead of having them hovering in the middle but it was nice to have a shape floating in the middle there to bring the shapes at the periphery together. using my typewriter here again, it's such a great mark making tool and i enjoy incorporating language in terms of symbols or letters into a piece.

have a wonderful weekend :)

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