Tuesday, April 01, 2014

spring cleaning

Hello! It's been a while and goodness knows I've been thinking about writing this post for quite some time now. Does anyone out there still read this? Does anyone care!? Who knows! Whatever.

Its been a funny year or two for me and my work, with a big move 2 years ago and the opportunity to finally have a dedicated studio space all to myself and to able to work full time on my drawings I was really expecting to be overwhelmed with creativity. In actual fact I felt nothing but the complete opposite and spent a huge amount of time stressing that I needed to make enough work to keep my head above water that I got myself into a huge creative rut. Hence there has been little activity here of late. I need these drawings to be for me first.

I've put a lot of time and energy into wanting to 'be' an artist over the years but have never really felt like one and recently I just let the idea of being an 'artist' go and I felt instantly relieved.

Years ago in order to get away from my day job I had started buying and selling vintage bits and bobs in order to make up my income and I have turned back to this, poking around auctions looking for well worn lovely old things, to help keep me afloat. It's something that I've always enjoyed all through my life - as a kid going to car boot sales, as a teenager buying all my clothes at jumble sales to be revamped and through my twenties trawling for vintage goodies to decorate my rented homes - old stuff has always held a fascination for me.

Of late I've been in spring cleaning mode and with it came another studio/work space revamp. Some fresh paint, a rearrangement of furniture and a good clear out always makes for a lifting of the spirits and it has to be said that creative thoughts have been tugging at the back of my mind.

So, what's next?

The restless things shop has been open the entire time and will remain open, I'm still selling all of your old favourite prints and can do custom print orders on request. I have a small amount of older drawings available and I know people have their eyes peeled for some new work…

I also have a big drawer full of drawings from 2008-2009 which I was going to throw out. This work is a bit different to the work I make now but I thought someone out there might like some. So, I will be holding a charity sale through my shop and offer these pieces priced from $25-$100 and donate a large % to charity. There's a lot to get through and I will post details here when I've finalized them so look out for that.

As for new work, there are some pieces on the horizon and I think there will be some new materials involved. With all of the worry of trying to make enough work to make ends meet I've forgotten how to play and experiment. I won't be offering any new work for sale for a while, instead I'm just taking time out to make it for me and see where I can take it but will endeavour to show some peeks here when I remember!

Did you read this far? You've well and truly earned a brownie point ;)

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