Monday, May 19, 2014


i've been doing quite a bit of work behind the scenes of late; it's funny how things just come together sometimes.

there is a new website in the works which will incorporate a gallery of older work, shop for new work going forward and a new blog. i've decided to put this blog to bed, after many years i feel like some fresh starts. i will continue to have work available through my restless things shop but new work will be launched on my new website several weeks before it hits there. 

if you're on facebook you can keep up with me here but if you prefer the blog format i'll be posting a link to it once the new site is up and running.

this will also be the end of digital prints. when i first started out digital prints were a cost effective way of making my work available to more people. when i look at these now i feel they're missing the point of my work having a sense of history and a tactile quality, they are dull and flat replicas. i still have a small stock of printer paper and can make orders on request. a few more popular prints will remain available whilst the printer paper lasts but these will ultimately be phased out for good.

i will be launching my work in small collections taking time to bring together a group of pieces that have a narrative with each other, work will be available on an as and when basis. i am starting to work with some different materials and am currently playing with some larger scale block prints, textile designs and clay - hopefully all for future release - how exciting!

i hope some of you will follow me into this foray and i'll keep you posted on any happenings...

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Hastypearl said...

All exciting news. I love to watch artists develop and grow, even change! It all normal in the scheme of things. I can hear the growing ...pains...maybe more like joys! Dimension...sounds wonderful!:) Laura