Monday, December 29, 2014

gift to self

ok, so I might have just purchased a kiln! watch this space for future clay based creations in 2015...

a happy new year to all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

pink speckles

another clay wall hanging experiment fresh from the woodburner (with a sprinkle of bicarb to give it the pink speckles). unfortunately I dropped a log on it - oh well!

have a good christmas if i don't drop in to this space before!

Monday, December 08, 2014

an experiment

during the summer i had started to experiment with making some small pottery items, pinch pots and tiles mainly, just for a change of creative scenery. i bought some white low fire clay which was cheap and all i really needed for these sketches. my plan had been to build a pit fire on the allotment in order to fire them however time and weather just wouldn't allow me the time to do this and they have sat in a drawer ever since.

and then i was daydreaming in bed one morning, as i tend to do most mornings, and thought to myself that surely these could be fired in our woodburner? a bit of googling later and it seemed worth a shot so i dug out these 2 testers to fire the other day to see what would happen. the top one has a small crack from drying on the back and the bottom one was just a doodle really, no great loss if these disintegrate in the flames.

i heated them in the oven for an hour first then sat them on a bed of cold ashes in the burner, built the fire up slowly around them and left them in there for a few hours...

and bob's yer uncle, one of them made it! and i'm really loving the soft tones of charcoal and smokey grey that this has...

and i'm looking forward to getting some others fired and finished in the coming weeks...