Monday, March 30, 2015

ceramic odyssey

As you may have guessed of late I have been on something of a ceramic odyssey, it's been refreshing to have my mind challenged by a new medium and it is something I will be exploring over the coming months and hopefully years. I hope it won't put those of you off who have been visiting this space over the years and enjoy my drawings, i haven't stopped drawing altogether but it is long over due for a bit of a rest from that side of things.

As of this morning I have a few ceramic creations available in the shop, a range of mugs with a sgraffito design in cream, biscuit and charcoal grey, do take a look if you have a mo'. There are only 5 to be had and may be the only ones in these/colours designs that I make so be sure to snap one up if they take your fancy!

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