Monday, March 02, 2015


i'm a bit behind with posting about these as they have been out of the kiln for a week already! i made these vessels before the tester bowls in my last post and was feeling rather precious about them as i had laboured long and hard over a detailed sgraffito design in white slip on each of them.

 there is a lot to like about these pieces, the speckled clays were lovely to work with and the tiny specks are a pleasing touch, i finally managed to get into making some lovely pinched forms which up until now hadn't been my thing, especially this one that's almost like a cave.

 the glaze was my favorite one from the tests I had done, a semi-transparent chun, which was milky and patchy and uneven but unfortunately not thick enough to produce any blue runs. i was hoping for a delicate white on pale cream effect with these but the white slip completely burnt off in the firing leaving behind a very flat sgraffito design which didn't 'pop'. all in all the overall effect is dull and disappointing however i will try and refire a few pieces and see if i can't salvage something from the wreckage! you live and learn...

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